Gold & Diamond Buying

At Gold Lady Jewelers, we pride ourselves on carrying one of the best jewelry lines on the market. Our customers are so impressed with the quality of our jewelry that they return to take advantage of our other services too. One of those services is Gold Buying. Our customers turn their unwanted jewelry and other items into instant cash. Instead of letting your broken or unused jewelry sit abandoned in dresser drawers, you too can bring it in to Gold Lady Jewelers and receive money in return.

Gold Buying at Gold Lady Jewelers is not limited to gold. We will buy all of your precious metal jewelry regardless of its condition. We know many people hold on to broken jewelry thinking they may have it fixed someday. Yet often times the jewelry doesn’t have the sentimental value required to warrant costly repairs. Why not turn in that damaged jewelry to us? In return we will give you money that you can use on things that are important to you. You may even choose to invest in a new piece of jewelry that you absolutely adore.